Scottish Retail

My wife and I arrived in Australia in 1988 from Glasgow, Scotland and we are proud to be Scottish by birth and love to share our heritage with others through our products. We hope that we can bring a little bit of Scotland & Ireland to our fellow Australian Expats.

We started trading online in August 2011 under the name of Barrowlands Australia, selling a range of Scottish, Irish, Welsh and English gifts and novelty items. We have since expanded our online presence with our new & fully secure Scottish Retail website, along with the launch of our recently opened showroom in Albany Creek.

Scottish wears
every occasion

Our products are made from the finest tartans, fabrics, woods, skins, and other materials, influenced by history and to this day remain icons of the fashion industry. We offer a large range of affordable options for our clothing products and we have made it simple to order any of our readymade or custom designed options.

Our success is due largely to our huge range of products, offering incredible value for your investment. In fact, one of our mottos is


Ever since expanding our online presence, it’s helped us stay connected with our growing customer base and reach new ones in ways we never thought possible only a few years ago. We are easily contactable, and our products can now be purchased throughout a number of online platforms.